Entry 1

20 Feb

I don’t know what day it is, I stopped keeping track a long time ago after the incessant itching started, plus sometimes I just don’t remember. I wish I had the nerve to kill myself like so many, many have. In the beginning it was mainly individuals and then whole families dying off. Fathers killing children, then spouses, saving himself for last. I’m not that strong.

My name is Harmon Foss. I think I’m 39 years old. I found this laptop in the liquor store; no one’s been in here in a long time and I’m surprised all the windows aren’t busted out like most places. It’s best to find a spot to stay in at night when the real cold comes; the days aren’t so bad. I still have the thermometer I found a while back at the gas station. I don’t know how I managed not to break it yet. Right now it’s only 10 below, so it will be a fairly warm night. I bundle up real good anyway. Last night was 25 below and I burned half of a thrift shop down to stay warm. At least there are still plenty of buildings to burn.

I’m still in El Segundo. Today was cloudy and cold and the sun is up there somewhere just like the day before and the day before that. I know it’s there, but it’s hard to see and even harder to feel nowadays. I don’t know when I slept last so most days are a blur especially when I’m scrounging or melting snow to drink. I went down to the beach today. I didn’t find anything even after a long time looking. It’s hard putting that much effort into searching when there’s no food to replace the calories lost. As I was leaving I noticed a small boat stuck out on the ocean. I don’t like doing it but I walked onto the ice and made my way toward the boat. It’s still eerie doing that and I don’t like being that exposed but I always think it might be worth it. There was nothing on the boat.

I came back into town to find a place to lay low when I remembered the liquor store I passed a few days back. The laptop was underneath the cash register; there’s a small hand crank radio with a cord to power it. It’s nice to see something working, anything but its very strange at the same time since I haven’t even talked to anyone in I think months. But to find this is encouraging. I just pray my fingers keep working. In all of my scrounging I’ve never found anything like this. It’s amazing when the world goes to hell what becomes valuable to you.

Anyway, I just survive now. I’m a survivor. Not much of one, but some how I’m still alive. I’m still in shock I think even after all this time. I look around and I still can’t believe that all of this happened in my life time. It seems impossible. Even as things fell apart worldwide, there was always a bit of perceived normalcy even at the very end or so I tell myself.

I’m now convinced of what happened to bring me to where I am today, a world war. Yes, a world war. How can I define this? World War III began many years ago if not decades.  There were no nuclear bombs, no fire from the sky, no EMP devices, no mass foreign invasion onto American soil to start it. The final war was a war of treason and subversion. No one even knew a war was being waged against us; so it took most by complete surprise.

The fact is, no one quite knows when it began, because it was so subtle. For all intents and purposes it began in the 1950’s when a dire warning was explicitly declared during Eisenhower’s farewell address to the nation about the rise of the Military Industrial Complex and those who seek to subvert it. We like to say that we were all caught off guard, but the truth is that most of us just became complacent. Either way, we were severely undermined by those in our own government. But there are no excuses now are there? And there certainly isn’t anyone around to blame.

How does one go about conquering a nation with over 300 million weapons dispersed among the populace? I’ve asked my self this a hundred times and I’m still lost. How could that happen? How, when every household in America had the potential to be an armory on its own and just as many people to man those weapons and turn things around. No standing army would ever be able to fight a force of patriots that large unless they were disarmed. So many questions unanswered. So much guilt. Why didn’t someone tell me what was going on? Is it even fair to ask that now? I should have paid more attention. I should have. While I was trying to go about my life, trying to live my life and provide for my family, these people were plotting against us, against me. I realize now that all the living I was trying to do didn’t matter when others were secretly and aggressively taking it all away from me. I tell myself that there were so many unnecessary distractions but enough clues to see the truth. Would I even know the truth if it sat down right next to me and introduced itself? Not at the time.

One day while scrounging I met Devon. He was holed up in an office building by the airport. He called himself a prepper and he was informed, unlike me. I was a cluster. He called people like me “sheeple”; the unprepared, the ignorant masses, cannon fodder and his favorite was “useless eaters”. That’s what he called me most. The last time I saw him, he seemed more lost than usual. When I first met him sometime ago he was more coherent, but I could tell the constant itching and dehydration was slowly driving him insane like most I’ve seen before. He told me that he knew something was coming. What? He didn’t know. Apparently there was some sort of ongoing survivalist movement. The way he described it, it was more like a subculture that formed into a vast community with the purpose of general disaster preparedness. They were called preppers. Devon lost his wife and son in the first few months of the chaos. A group of armed men surrounded his house and waited them out. They took what supplies they had left but were mostly interested in his wife and son when they were discovered. His wife was used for obvious reasons and his son would be sold on the black market. As Devon said, even after spending his life savings, his “preps” weren’t enough. Before he shot himself, that’s what he mumbled, “it just wasn’t enough”. Watching him kill himself didn’t shock me. I was used to seeing it happen so often in the beginning that I became numb to it.

As Devon explained it, the first assault came when they fluoridated the water of Grand Rapids in 1945 and it’s been done in cities all over the country ever since. Apparently, this is the same stuff used in Sarin gas and rat poison but they put it in our water supply supposedly to keep teeth healthy. I didn’t know that. What were we thinking allowing this? Who let this happen? Devon even said that the Nazis used fluoride in the prison camp water supply to sedate the Jews during the Holocaust. We became a nation of zombies, each of us with his or her own unauthorized frontal lobotomy. He explained that it was the same fluoride in our toothpaste. How could this happen? How did I miss all of that?

He said the second mass attack came drizzling down from above. Sometime in the late 90’s Air Force tanker jets began to crisscross the skies seeding the atmosphere with what he called “chemtrails” and introduced an engineered disease called Morgellons: nanotechnology in its most insidious and destructive form. At first, most doctor’s denounced the disease as psychological, simply a figment of the sufferers imagination. How are huge red lesions and thin glowing fibers growing from the skin part of a persons imagination? It’s not imagination it’s real as millions would soon learn. As the contagion quickly spread, it couldn’t be ignored. How could it be when the very same doctors that discounted it were now infected? Of course there was no cure from the civilian sector, so no treatment for those of us left on the outside that were suffering.

The third attack came from the food supply. Over the years Monsanto and Dow chemical took control of the nation’s food supply and further injected untested Genetically Modified organisms into our food. They destroyed the natural and organic farming industry while inserting their pesticides into seeds for human consumption. Home gardens were outlawed and we were forced to eat their poison. The crowning achievement came when then President Obama appointed former Monsanto VP Michael Taylor as the countries food safety czar; talk about the fox guarding the hen house. Hell followed shortly thereafter. Devon explained that this was a necessary stage for the introduction of Morgellon’s. Put the disease in the sky for us to breathe and continually weaken the body with toxic chemicals and lack of nutrition. The disease flourished. Of course this was promoted by the government and major media as another “terrorist” attack.

As the nation suffered and fell apart at an absolutely staggering rate, the internet became heavily censored, which some noticed, though most didn’t as they had larger problems to deal with. But Devon said that it was text book military; cut or control communications before an even larger attack. Now it just seems like all the suffering and chaos was a distraction while plots were being carried out, all unknown to us. With hopelessness and despair weighing us all down and after more terrorism spin, many found a sense of patriotism when they accepted their national I.D. card, called REAL I.D., which allowed people to access the internet and more importantly purchase government approved “safe” food and water. People found relief, but sold themselves on the idea of any thing for security. Anything for clean water and unpolluted food that was still secretly being manufactured and handed out by Monsanto. Anything.

Before the collapse, as people were corralled into the cities, the airwaves were buzzing with government surveillance devices of every kind. I remember drones everywhere, everywhere. I remember cell phones being openly used as tracking devices and key loggers. Even personal computers were used against the people as web cameras were silently switched on and monitored. Months before the collapse the postal service was shut down, so no more letters were delivered and communications failed. I remember the roads littered with street light surveillance systems that quietly monitored, iris scanned, back scattered, facially recognized and dissected every man, woman and child that walked or drove by. A full life story was delivered and displayed within seconds to the turncoat TSA agent sitting at the controls of the sinister device. They say it was part of the Total Information Awareness program. It was certainly aware. We weren’t.

Alternative media sites, the real news, quickly got shut down. The only news programs available for viewing were from the three major networks and that was all propaganda. Most who could view a T.V. or get online knew the truth. As Devon said, the masses were finally awake. But it was too late by then.

Surprisingly Martial Law was never declared and why would it be when all that would ensue after those words are spoken is mass panic. I remember when the President appeared on T.V. and announced that our country was facing an unprecedented National Emergency. And with those soft words everything changed, you could feel it. At first there was no panic.

Then the power went out and didn’t come back on.

In the first few weeks, anarchy swept across the nation. Rumors and misinformation spread by mouth so fast that it was hard to know the truth anymore or where or who to turn to for help. Every major city was in chaos as neighbor turned against neighbor and an ocean of bodies tried to exit the cities. Trucking shipments and air travel stopped. Grocery and convenience stores emptied within hours and water service discontinued. All essential emergency services halted. Buildings, businesses and homes were looted and burned to the ground. It didn’t matter who lived there or if anyone was still inside when the crazies came through; pandemonium followed. What was to be expected when a nation of prescription drugs users abruptly came off its meds? Bodies littered the streets and people burned as the structures fell. Police stations were no exception. Platoons of men surged across the Mexican border with drugs and weapons. Violent gangs formed and merged with the drug cartels. Violence skyrocketed everywhere. For a time it seemed like things settled into a destructive rhythm of sorts. All over the country, police fought back as long as they could but were eventually overwhelmed by either armed civilian groups or cartel gangs and they couldn’t fight both. But like most, they realized that their families were more important than fighting an uphill battle. In the end it was everyman for himself when the police finally realized that they were being played against the people. For a time bounties were placed on politician’s heads for the devastation they brought down on us. Many died a slow and painful death as did their families.

Then the troops came and the onslaught began. U.N. troops poured in from both coasts under the guise of “humanitarian aid”. They enveloped us. They imposed a 6 p.m. to 10 a.m. curfew with strict shoot to kill orders that came swiftly and brutally. From what I understand, when a certain portion of the population had been deemed under control, meaning most were too scared to come out of what ever hut, house or cardboard box they were living in, the troops came in and dragged them out. Some fought back. Those that didn’t comply and go to the FEMA camps were shot on site. Living quarters became breeding grounds for new diseases. Hundreds of thousands lost their lives in the years that followed as running battles took place with armed civilians, police and patriotic military members on one side and U.N troops, government contractors and disease on the other.

When a large portion of the population was homeless, starving, suffering from infection or tired of watching others being slaughtered, most eagerly turned them selves in to the nearest Fusion Center for processing. Bussing to the camps soon followed.

The final nail in the coffin was when the so called climate experts and government officials sold the world on the idea of “global warming” years earlier. The fact is and was that they deceitfully steered us in the wrong direction. No one paid attention and the media stayed quiet while the government began buying massive quantities of dehydrated foods, and storing seeds by the ton. In late 2011 the whole of Europe experienced what the main stream media off handedly labeled as a cold snap, when in all actuality these were just the first signs of a new ice age. Only the “powers that be” and those they deemed necessary were prepared when the unrelenting and brutal cold swept in. Without a word, they casually retreated to their deep underground military bases. In no time, all of the U.S. was blanketed in meters of deep snow and double digit sub zero temps. As the saying goes, the rest of us were literally left out in the cold. Around the world billions died. I think right now its June or somewhere near that and the snow is still here. There’s always snow, it never goes away.

I don’t remember what it’s like to be warm anymore, I mean really warm. I don’t stay long in one place, not for fear of others as I hardly see people anymore and it’s easy to hide from the drones. I move because I go from house to house and burn large pieces of the structure for some type of warmth. I can’t stand the burning smell for too long; it reminds me of when I had to burn my own house. I cried when the flames took my sons room.

Somewhere out there are a couple dozen Fusion Centers. They say that they have a cure for the disease. You just have to sign for an I.D. card and take the RFID chip. I’ve heard stories of people being fed and staying warm. The cots are supposed to be nice and working in the civilian labor force isn’t supposed to be that bad. That sure would beat being out here trying to scrape by because this really isn’t any type of existence but I would rather freeze to death than go there. I remember Devon mentioning a large patriot hold out in Idaho or Montana. Tomorrow I’m going to search for some better shoes. If I can find some, I’ll head that way. It’ll be tough walking out of LA but there doesn’t seem to be many people left. I’ll write more as I go along, it feels good to get these words out.

I’m going to lay down now, I probably won’t sleep. I’ve got my tweezers so I’m going to pull as many fibers out of my arms and legs as I can. It helps and stops the itching for a bit, but the worst part, the very worst part of the Morgellons is the feeling of something always crawling just below my skin. God I wish it would stop.